WW2 Little Soldiers


Since I recently discovered the Crossfire rules I have been painting and basing my 1:72 scale figures to begin playing games set in Europe. Many of these are from sets that I bought when I was a lot younger and I'm finding uses for figures that never used to mean a lot to me.


World Crossfire Day: April 4, 2009

Local CF Scenarios


As I paint and collect units, I am documenting them on separate pages. These are notes about what figures I'm using to create the stands in each unit, as well as the OOB for each group. The ones highlighted are incomplete.

See an overall listing that matches the Crossfire rules.

Company Designations

For the moment I'm trying out marking squad stands with various vegetation and debris that identify them with a particular platoon.

  1. Plain ground
  2. Tufts of Grass
  3. Bushes
  4. Pile of rocks
  5. Log(s)
  6. Low brick wall

Company markings (when I get more than one) will be a colored stripe painted on the edge of the base (red, blue, green, etc.)


The standard base size of 1.25 inches is a little small for 1:72 scale figures so I have gone to 1.5 inches as my standard base size. Platoon Commanders (PC) have a half width rectangle base (1.5 x 0.75 inches). The Forward Observers (FO) are based on a smaller stand that is 1 x 0.75 inches to distinguish them from PC stands.

British Figures
British and German Figures, in various stages of completion

When basing these figures, I glue them to a thin piece of corrugated cardboard and use a layer of Spackle on top to blend in the individual bases of each figure. Then I paint the "ground" brown and dry-brush with a light tan. So far for the grass I've used sand and fine sawdust, both painted green.

British Figs Close Up
Click for a closer shot of
the British figures

Painting Notes

These are notes about how I'm painting the figures. It's a work in progress as I try to get the washes right. I've also started using dry-brushing to highlight the clothes.

Pants Jacket Skin Helmet (and Socks) Webbing Canteen Other Kit Rifle Notes

Base: 3p Nutmeg Brown, 2p Espresso

Wash: black

Dry-brush: Nutmeg Brown

Base: Safari Taupe

Wash: brown + orange

Dry-brush: Antique White

Base: Flesh

Wash: Espresso + Bright Red

Spanish Olive Café-au-lait Add 1 part Bright Red to brown used for pants Café-au-lait Nutmeg Brown

Base: Pewter Gray

Wash: black

Base: 1p Spanish Olive, 3p Pewter Gray

Wash: black

Dry-brush Dolphin Gray

same 1 part black added to gray used for blouse Black Brown Spanish Olive, Pewter Gray, or Tan Nutmeg Brown Entrenching tool is black with a tan handle
United States

Base: Spanish Olive

Wash: 2p olive, 1p black

Spanish Olive; same wash as pants same Spanish Olive Safari Taupe Spanish Olive Spanish Olive or Pewter Gray Nutmeg Brown Brown boots


The British Army 1939-45 (2): Middle East & Mediterranean (Men-at-Arms Series, 368)

The German Army 1939-45 (5): Western Front 1943-45 (Men-At-Arms Series, 336)

German Airborne Troops 1939-45 (Men-at-Arms Series, 139)


This is a list of model sets that would provide useful vehicles for Crossfire. Obviously any of the 1:72 World War 2 models made by Revell, Airfix, etc., are appropriate, so I'm just listing ones that might not be so obvious.

  • Academy makes a WW.II GROUND VEHICLE SET (product code 1310), has an American Jeep, a German Kubelwagen, and a halftrack motorcycle(?). Also includes oil drums and gas cans.
  • Transporter distributed by Dolgencorp, Inc., is a box of three vehicles, one tractor trailer, a pickup truck, and a car. The set is made out of cheap plastic, but the vehicles are very nearly 1:72 scale. I found a bunch of them with different selections at the Dollar General store.

Interesting note: comments on how to pronounce "Jagd" in Jagdpanzer, Jagdpanther, etc., can be found in a Battlefront Forum thread (e.g. Jagdpanzer would be "yahktpanzer").


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