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Dungeon Project - A Well

Materials Used

This is another room that I entered into a Terragenesis competition. This time the theme was Drinking Spot. I had already started thinking about using an old tin can lid painted as a pool of water in a new room. First I was just going to have a pool, then I found some pictures of a dungeon well, and was inspired to incorporate that into the project.

dungeon tile
The Well Room

The room was made out of a piece of 6×6 inch cardboard (as usual), in which I had measured out a circle for where the "well" would go. I cut out the circle before gluing down the card tiles and then flipped it over to cut the tiles that covered the hole. Then I was inspired to glue small rectangles of cardboard around the edges to look like a stone wall.

Then I started some weathering by cutting cracks in the tiles and trimming some of the corners at an odd angle. Then I decided to add some rubble piles to make the room look more worn. To do that I mixed up some plaster patch, poured it in a plastic lid, and when it was set, broke it into pieces. I tried to keep the pieces in the corners so I would still have room for the miniatures to stand.

The mushrooms were made out of a flour-based clay (sometimes called kitchen clay). I based them on small wire using superglue and baking soda.

dungeon tile
Angle Shot

Painting started with black spraypaint for the basecoat. Then I drybrushed with various shades of gray (from dark to light) and highlighted with green and tan.

The mushrooms were painted gray, then red, then spotted with white. The stems were painted tan.

dungeon tile

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