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Main Street in Magnolia

T-Trak is a modular layout standard for N scale railroads. I decided to go with it after researching shelf layouts and realizing that I would rather run my trains on a table than on a shelf over my head, and with these modules, I can still keep them on the shelf and out of the way when not in use. The modules are very small (about the size of a sheet of paper) so I shouldn't have any problem storing them up on shelves.

The small size presents a challenge in terms of scenery and layout, but I'm looking forward to coming up with new ideas to keep each module fresh and unique. Also building them one by one makes getting back into the hobby easier, breaking down the cost and time required into manageable chunks.


There are also two single-track variations that are compatible with T-Trak. The first is called T-1-Trak and is documented in The Unofficial T-TRAK Handbook. It follows the main standard almost exactly in terms of module size and the only difference is that a single mainline is used.

The other standard has been termed Mini-T and comes from Japan by way of Popoya 2008. These modules are full length, but only 150mm (6 in.) deep. They also feature a single track mainline.


Layout Diagram
Layout Plan as of June 2011

This image represents my layout plans for the short term. All the standard and corner modules are built or in progress. The interchange and the yard are still in the planning stages.

Quick Tips

DIY Ballast to match Kato Unitrack (all measurements are approximate):

My Modules

Country Road

This was my first module. Standard size (approx. 8x12 inch) straight track in alternate spacing.

Highway overpass

Another standard sized, straight module with elevated scenery.

Passenger Station

Standard straight module with passenger station and grade crossing.

City Corner 1

An urban scene built on one of the corner modules.

City Corner 2

Continuing the urban scene on another corner module.

Tunnel 1

Tunnel through a mountain on a corner module.

Industrial Yard

Triple-length switching module.


A river scene with the railroad crossing with a ballasted deck bridge.


A transition module from T-Trak to Mini-T with a farm scene.


A Mini-T module that swings from left to right as it crosses a stream.

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