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Using the T-Trak modules I will be building a freelance layout based in part on the existing CSX freight service in my area, and on a fictional passenger line based on the old ACL route into Wilmington.

CSX Train on

Wilmington, NC

CSX and the Wilmington Terminal Railroad operate freight trains around the port, the coal power plant, LP Wood Products, and the Invista chemical plant. Interestingly the company seems to be a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming. (see locomotives page for more research).

In the past (from [WHEN] to [WHEN]) the Atlantic Coast Line ran trains through Fayetteville to the east and maybe down to Wilmington, via the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad. They would have used F-T's, F-7's, and E-6's.

In 1967 the ACL merged with Seaboard to form the Seaboard Coast Line (and that eventually merged with Chessie to form CSX). Alco's Century series (C-420) and Fairbanks-Morse's (FM) Train Master were both used by this company. Earlier trains were Q-3 (2-8-2) and E-7.

Raleigh & Wilmington Railroad (R&WRR)

Fictional company that rebuilt the old ACL line running from Selma down to Wilmingon. Interchanges with and/or leases the line to CSX, NS, and Carolina Transit.

RWRR Network Map
Reporting Marks: RWRR
Era: Modern
Location: South-East North Carolina
Primary Interchange: Wilmington, NC
Class 1 Interchanges: Davis Yard (CSX)

Carolina Transit — a Fictional Passenger Line

What if the former Atlantic Coast Line rails into Wilmington had not been removed. What if a regional railroad had actually been established again (instead of just being studied). These are the premises on which I'm basing the fictional Carolina Transit (CT) line that runs through my layout.

Based on the passenger rail study, either Amtrak or Norfolk Southern could be running passenger trains along the Wilmington-Raleigh route, as well as new CSX freight trains coming out of the port carrying grain, coal, etc. It could also be possible that a local line would be established to carry passengers to Raleigh where they could debark, or transfer to an Amtrak train.

Other Ideas

Also see the station page for prototype references.

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