After Action Reports

The Defense of the Village Krannon

Early and Mid Spring Battles

The Debac Force engages the Technoids for the first time.

Retreat From Riverbase 1

The Delbac units must make it across the river and south into friendly territory before the Technoid advance arrives.

Clan -vs- Combine

A game set in the BattleTech (TM) universe. Featured a Clan Smoke Jaguar invasion force attacking a village and command post defended by Draconis Combine units.

Zulu War

A battle report from a convoy ambush scenario played at the August 2008 meeting of the CFHGS.


Taking the Son Bridge

American paratroopers try to capture a bridge before the Germans destroy it. A battle report from a Crossfire scenario set during Operation Market-Garden in 1944.


World Crossfire Day, Game 10a.

The Americans tried to clear the way into town and faced fierce resistance from the German defenders.

					       in the Woods

World Crossfire Day, Game 10b

German engineers frantically tried to free bogged armor as the Allies advanced in the second game we played during the World Crossfire Day event on April 4, 2009.


Battle Near Marche-en-Famenne

A Crossfire game set in Belgium during the Battle of France in May 1940.

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