After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Clan -vs- Combine

Turn 3

This is when the carnage really started. The Kurita Command Lance had taken up position in the village and were quickly assaulted by two Smoke Jaguar Novas. The Kurita 2nd Lance was in a flanking position in the woods to the right rear of the town and help repulse the assault. All four units were decimated (you can click these ../images for a larger version).

Bravo Nova
Bravo Nova
Cmd Lance
Command Lance

In the town the Command Lance took a heavy pounding, loosing all but the CO's Mech. Then as it tried to make a run for the woods, it was taken down to (above right).

At the end of turn three, the Elementals were advancing on either side of the board (below left), one full strength unit was left on each side, and the infantry guarding the HQ were getting nervous (below right).

Nova's Elementals
Alpha Nova's Elementals
4th Lance
4th Lance

Since time had run out, we considered the game a draw. But points were awarded to the Clan players for eliminating the enemy CO.

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