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France: 1940

Right now this is mostly a page of links to various reference sites and research that I've collected. I'm planning using Dirtside II from GZG — with conversion rules by Mike Elliot — to play scenarios based during Germany's invasion of France.

Another set of rules that look interesting is Storm of Steel (SOS). Described as fast play rules for combat 1930 - 1950. 2nd edition. Includes From Sedan to Dunkerque, which is a supplement for France 1940.


Interesting battles that could provide the background for scenarios include the tank attack led by Rommel during the crossing of the Muese (scenario), the British Expeditionary Force's counter-attack at Arras.

Additional Stats for WW2 Tanks based on Mike Elliot's Conversion

French Tanks (1940):

Char B1 bis, Size 2, Armor 2, Very Slow Tracked, Basic FC, KEC/3 in a turret mount [and a KEC/1 if you want], 1 * APSW

H-35, Size 2, Armor 1, Very Slow Tracked, Basic FC, KEC/1 in turret, 1 * APSW

Panhard AMD 178, Size 1, Low Mobility Wheeled, Basic FC, KEC/1 in turret, 1 * APSW

S-35 Somua, Size 2, Armor 1, Very Slow Tracked, Basic FC, KEC/2 in turret, 1 * APSW

British Tanks:

Crusader I, Size 2, Armor 1, Very Slow Tracked, Basic FC, KEC/1 in turret, 1 * APSW

Crossfire Units

See the unit page...

French Infantry
French Infantry in 1940

As of June 2009, I have finished painting two platoons of French infantry using the Airfix set. The molds are showing their age and are starting to loose some of the edge detail. It was especially noticeable on the ends of the guns and the way the feet fade into the base. Despite that the figures will do fine on the war game table.

HaT makes WWI French Infantry (Early), ESCI made French Soldiers (205), and Caesar has just released a new set called WWII French Army. It looks like I could start with the Caesar set and add some rifle figures from the ESCI set to build a second company. I could still use a HMG available from the Revell or HaT sets.


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