Terrain Little Soldiers

Forest Road

The base was left over from another project I was working on and I had a bunch of trees already prepared so I thought about doing a forest base. In the games I play though, most figures cannot traverse a forest area. So being inspired by something I had seen on another web site (if only I could remember which) I decided to put a road through the forest, giving vehicles cover while allowing them trough the area.

Styrofoam works a whole lot better for basing projects than cardboard. On one hand it is more brittle, but it doesn't warp when you are gluing flock or sand to it and you can carve features into it. This is how I made the road. After measuring, I carved a ditch on each side of the road and carved the edges of the road so they would slope down toward the table.

Then I glued patches of fine sawdust to the forest area and dirt on the road... or I may have just put watered-down PVA glue on the road, I don't remember. Then I spray-painted the whole thing green and painted the road black with latex house paint.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.

(Miniatures by In Service Miniatures)

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