Terrain Little Soldiers

Forest Pond

In this project I wanted to spice up my usual forest base with something different.

I created the pond by carving out a depression in the Styrofoam and sealing it with PVA glue. Then I painted the bottom green and put another layer of PVA. Then I either painted it light or dark blue, I can't remember and followed with another layer of glue. The top layer was the light blue, but I didn't get the mixing effect I wanted and the pond looks shallow with a deep spot in the middle.

Also notice the grasses around the edge of the pond. They're from hemp twine cut in to 2 mm pieces and stuck upright in a bead of glue.

I don't remember if I painted the rest of the base first or if I covered the pond with tape to spray paint. Anyway, I covered the base with glue, sprinkled sawdust liberally and then painted it brown first and sprayed the grass green, trying to keep most of the green spray toward the center.

The trees are made from Christmas garland. The miniatures shown for scale are made by GHQ and In Service Miniatures.

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