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World War 2: Battle Near Marche-en-Famenne

Belgium, May 12, 1940

Historical Situation

This is a fictional scenario based on the advance of the German 7th Panzer Division toward Houx and Dinant as part of the German XV Panzer Corps. During the advance, lead elements of the division encountered units from the 1st French Cavalry Division at Waha and then moving from Marche-en-Famenne the 25th Panzer Regiment contacted the French line between Haversin and Forsée[2].

Although the units are based on historical Orders of Battle, they are fictional, especially the French.

Read the battle report.


Marche-en-Famenne Map

Key features are:

Pre-game Preparation

French Player (Defending)


Hold the village (C). Establish a roadblock at crossroads (A or B) to block the advance of the German Panzers.

Forces Available

* PC +1 for rally only

Morale: Regular


Infantry company should be deployed around the village, but may send one platoon as far as line Z-Z. Tanks and Anti-Tank Guns must start in the village.



German Player (Attacking)


Capture the village (C) and eliminate the French defense there to secure a path for follow-on forces.

Forces Available

Elements of the 25th Panzer Regiment.

Morale: Regular


German enter from the eastern edge of the table.


Will arrive on board at 13:00 hours during the German initiative, unless the crossroads have been roadblocked (see special rules).

Victory Conditions

Terrain Objectives: Town and Crossroads

Each terrain objective is worth 1 VP. To claim the VP, there must be no unsuppressed enemy units within 1 stand distance of the objective.

Scenario Special Rules

Time Limit

Special Rule 4: The Moving Clock is in use. The scenario starts at 11:30 hours and ends at 18:00 hours. The clock advances 30 min on 5+ on one die, rolled at the end of each defender initiative.

French Roadblock

If either French ATG stand is at the crossroads, the Germans cannot bring on their reinforcements. This is an added bonus to capturing the objective.

Armored Combat Procedure

Using the House Rules from Tim Marshall's Officer Commanding compilation. Note that in this case the dice rolls are added together (rather than counting 5's and 6's as hits). The accuracy and penetration are listed by range bands. Each range band is 20 inches. If you prefer not to use ranges, use the values for short range only.

To Hit (oc 11.2.1): Roll 2d6 versus Accuracy (roll value shown or higher). Modified as follows:

Reactive Fire Modifiers
Slow Target+1
Full move on road+1
Target Obscured (hill, wood, fields)+1
Target Hull Down+2
Firer Modifiers
Firer Moved+3

To Damage: on a successful hit roll 2d6 again to determine damage. Natural roll of 2 is always no effect, 12 is always a hit. Tracks are hit if rolled double 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's. Track hit immobilizes only if attack value - 2 is greater than armor. Otherwise add Penetration and compare to target armor. If attack value equals armor, target is suppressed. Greater than armor, target is destroyed.

Natural 12Destroyed
Roll + Pen > ArmorDestroyed
Roll == ArmorSuppressed
Double 2,3,4,5 (if attack-2 > armor)Immobilized
Roll + Pen < ArmorNo effect
Natural 2No effect

An immobilized tank must make a rally roll as if pinned to act, a failure results in the vehicle being abandoned.

Armor Stats


Name Armor Main Armament HE/EFF Smoke MG HD Speed Close Combat
Front Side Short Medium Long
Panzer 38(t) 2 2 7/-4 8/-5 8/-6 3/0 - 4 Y Med (2) 3
Panzer III D 3 3 5/-4 7/-5 8/-6 3/0 - 4 Y Med (2) 3
Panzer IV D 3 2 5/-3 7/-5 - 4/1 3 4 Y Med (2) 3

SdKfz 251/1 1 1* - -
- - 4 N Med (2) 1
SdKfz 251/9 1 1* 5/-3 7/-5 - 4/1 3 4 N Med (2) 1
SdKfz 251/10 1 1* 5/-4 7/-5 8/-6 3/1 - - N Med (2) 1

* Vulnerable to small arms, fired on as a bunker: -1 die and only 6's hit


Name Armor Main Armament HE/EFF Smoke MG HD Speed Close Combat
Front Side Short Medium Long
Renault FT-17 2 2 7/-5 8/-6 - 3/0 - - Y Slow (1) 2
Somua S35 5 4 7/-1 8/-3 8/-3 3/0 - 4 Y Med (2) 3

25/71 SA-L - - 5/-5 7/-6 - - - - - - -2
47/34 APX - - 5/-1 7/-3 8/-3 3/0 - - - - -2


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