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20mm German KFOR Figures

An Informal Review

I recently purchased a box of 20mm (1:72 actually) plastic figures made by Revell: "Special Task Force SFOR/KFOR" (German army crisis reaction forces). See the Plastic Soldier Review.

Box Front
Figure 1: Box Cover

What attracted me to these figures was the illustration on the box front (figure 1 above). Not only were the figures carrying 21st-century-looking rifles, but they also were in a variety of interesting poses. Once I opened the box, though, I discovered that most of the poses were repeated too many times for my taste (see figure 2 below). For wargaming purposes there are not enough combat poses to make more than one squad. But there might be enough to use in a skirmish game (fortunately that's what I'm planning).

German figures
Figure 2: Contents of the box.

The figures are carrying the H&K G36E rifle and the G36K carbine, shotguns, and pistols. The fact that the G36 looks ultra-modern (at least for an American) was a big plus, since I'll be able to fit them into a sci-fi game without much trouble. One thing interesting on the figures is that some of the riflemen have flashlights attached to their guns (see figure 3 below), but I have not been able to find any real life examples of this (and I've heard it's a bad idea anyway).

German Rifleman

Figure 3: German Rifleman

Some of the repetative poses may be fixable with some kitbashing (or at least arm exchanges). Also I'm sure I can find a use for the prisoner figures.

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