Computer-Assisted Gaming

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The idea behind this is to move all the die rolling, charts, etc. onto the computer, so that it can keep track of those detail while the player concentrates on moving miniatures and planning tactics.

DS2 Assistant

This is my first attempt at computer assistance for the Dirtside II rules by GZG. The program automates rolling dice, drawing chits, and determining damage.

You can see some screen shots below. It is turning out to be a useful program for when I play-test scenarios. I wouldn't necessarily use it for actual games though.


The newest version was finished in July 2003.

You can download the program and source code from my software page.

Screen Shots

Current Delphi version (running under Wine): A size 4 HEL attacking a size 3 target.

Old Java version: A size 3 High Energy Laser attacking a size 2 target.

On the Web

Thomas Heaney has written a couple of utilities for drawing chits, resolving morale, etc., for Dirtside 2.

Yves has written a chit draw program too.

Arofan Gregory as written an essay on his experiments with computer assistance.

Carnage & Glory II is a commercial set of rules for pre-20th century combat.

Clinton Reilly offers computer moderated rules for historical miniatures.

Wes Rogers has some wargame tools on his web site.

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